Our Team

The team behind BPCC, the developer of AMAAD, is comprised of talented and highly experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the industry and what it takes for a real estate project to succeed in today’s global market. Each member of the team serves a key role in contributing to AMAAD’s success through their myriad of experiences and through the leadership of the board, which includes influential visionaries who play an active real in the day-to-day management of the operations.

Eng. Towfiq A. Alabdulhadi

CEO's Message

From the early days of conceptualizing AMAAD Business Park, a very clear vision was drawn to develop a unique project that will become a leader in many ways, and a model to be emulated for the distinctive ecosystem of the park. AMAAD is a strategic investment converging the resources and experience of KFUPM and Saudi Aramco to develop an energy and engineering hub to serve the stakeholders of both entities, and the region as a whole.

BPCC, the developing company of AMAAD, has been committed to design and develop the park with a long-term vision in mind that will go hand-in-hand with Vision 2030. The project has already taken shape and is steadily meeting all the milestones put in place for completion in 2023.

AMAAD's strategic vision is to establish a cohesive ecosystem of key players in the most important sectors in Saudi Arabia and to provide them with a dynamic environment for collaborations, as well as a modern facility to meet all their needs.
The Chief Executive Officer of AMAAD Business Park, Towfiq A. Al-Abdulhadi, has over 28 years of professional experience with Saudi Aramco Project Management, developing project execution plans, procuring contracts, and managing the execution and handover of large and critical project executions. He was selected to spearhead the development and launch of AMAAD Business Park through the establishment of the development company - Business Park Complex Company, where he oversees the decision-making and monitoring of all aspects of the project.