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The <span>Expression</span> of Devoted Space

The Expression of Devoted Space


Rooted in our vision of pioneering work for a greater tomorrow, we go beyond traditional office space and more into an integrated ever-growing working community. AMAAD Business Park will comprise of over 96,000 sqm of exceptional quality office space. Be it a distinguished office, a classic office or a studio, AMAAD Business Park believes in the need for dedicated office space in addition to co-working concepts that would serve as the platform for businesses to grow.

The office space benefits greatly from the close proximity to the courtyards in which it will function as an extension to the unique working environment by bringing in green spaces into the heart of the scheme.

The offices are designed to match the essence of what truly matters when it comes to business functionality and efficiency. AMAAD Business Park provides the foundation of modern offices evolving from a symbol of prestige to a flexible and practical space.